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The Words Left Unsaid - A Theatrical Experiment

Experimental serial film - The Words Left Unsaid - Follows Sandra, Ricky, Jill, Chris, Becca, Ryan, John, Sarah, Britney, Sean and MacKenzie as their lives collide and intertwine.

Several stories interweave during three days in Philadelphia. Eleven intertwined characters: A novelist with writers' block and his wife the office power player who looks down on her under-motivated husband. Two producers who are making a play for the success or failure of their business. A screen-writer who moved across the country for love, and the woman who won his heart before they ever met. An actor who can't get respect from her father or her boyfriend. A theater director facing the loss of her lover. A world traveler who finds herself thinking about settling down. A sheltered young woman and the man she can't break herself free from. Everyone finds themselves alone sometimes, even when they're surrounded by people, and at those moments you can find yourself feeling that the city is the biggest place on earth... in the next moment however, you often find you're in a much smaller place than you thought.

The experiment of this project is to reintroduce the concept of a serial to movie houses. We are excited to give our audience the opportunity to come spend an hour with us each weekend, and spend time outside the silver screen getting to know us as well! We will be socializing, facebook connecting, and tweeting about our lives even as the story unfolds every week.

The Words Left Unsaid - Full Promotional Video from James Jackson available in HD on Vimeo.

Originally written as a feature film we plan on making this project in to a 12 part serial for theatrical release. Featuring an ensemble cast of 11 main characters and several supporting roles.

The Words Left Unsaid is a film about examining the small moments that keep us separate and also bring us together.

Take a look at the kickstarter link to the right and support our production! By supporting us you will be helping us experiment with interactive movie going, and pop culture. So please contribute, spread the word, and come see "The Words Left Unsaid".

Get to know us - The characters

Sanrda: Sandra is in her heart a one man kinda girl, but she secretly revels in the power her office manager duties give her.

Ricky: Ricky is a romantic, and a lover. He has a soft heart that he wears on his sleeve. A prose writer in a slump, Ricky hasn't written another successful novel in a while.

Jill: Jill feels the power of the earth and aligns her chakra every morning with the north star. She senses things before others and knows people before she's met them.

Chris: Chris is a hard worker. Coming up from a lower middle class home, he's earned his nice suits, his expensive shirts, and his gambling habit. He works hard and he plays hard and he doesn't second guess himself. He's as comfortable in a high stakes poker game as he is loading a truck with a fork lift.

Becca: A trust fund baby, Becca is mentally younger than her peers but quite sure of herself. She's the kind of girl who always gets what she wants because someone will give it to her if she bats her eyelashes at the right person. Always perfectly coiffed and made up, she's the kind of girl that makes that sort of thing look effortless and as though she never touches makeup or musses with her hair.

Ryan: Ryan is someone who follows his own whims wherever they might take him. He doesn't pay attention to social rules. The son of a Senator he's never had to worry too much about his actions, and he's accustomed to a life on the road.

John: John doesn't do anything to excess, he doesn't live beyond his means, but he also hasn't been overly successful or had any breakthrough moments. His life has been a series of setups to meet expectations.

Sarah: Sarah is the type of free spirit that doesn’t feel the need to be held down. She believes in love knowing its out there, but isn’t one to put the time into someone she doesn’t feel is worth it. At the same time Sarah doesn't put a name or a face to love, she has no fantasy man or woman, and feels that love can come from anywhere at any time so long as you're open to it.

Britney: Britney is tough but fair. She will give anyone a chance. To look at her Britney is just an ordinary fun loving girl, maybe a little more amorous than most. Britney just loves to love, and be loved in return.

MacKenzie: Mackenzie is fighting to make a name... a difference... a life for herself. Acting is her only outlet. She's not great, but she feels some day she could be.

Sean: Sean doesn't do it for style, he does it for cred. In high school Sean was a geek and unpopular, and while in college found his niche with picking out the things that other people would find popular.

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